Prosthodontists specialise in fitting crowns, veneers and bridges on both natural teeth and dental implants.

We contract specialised and highly skilled dental technicians to assist in the fabricate or finalisation of  the crowns for your teeth or implants. Like everything today,  cheap reproduction versions available. Some clinics have their work made in dental laboratories overseas  where labour is cheaper, using skills and materials that may not be suitable.  All our work is constructed bespoke for your individual treatment. We have extensive experience in the latest CAD CAM restorations.  Dr Evans completes all the CAD designs for his cases, using dental design software. For such digitally designed cases we only specify CAD/CAM materials that have a thorough product warranty and are industrially milled by providers such as 3M  LAVA or Straumann Etkon. These restorations are then stained and glazed by our local technician for colour shading. All guidelines for infection control by regulatory authorities are followed.

If you are considering implant work, be sure to check that the clinician is recommending a premium brand with long term scientific validation. In addition there are many copy-cat and cheap replica components that are manufactured at a fraction of the cost to the Original Manufacturer Components. These cheaper components may invalidate the Manufacturers Warranty, and your safety.

Be sure to know what you are getting and that you are comparing apples with apples.