After completing a  rehabilitation or reconstruction of  teeth and/or implants, it is essential that you have regular reviews.

Regular Professional cleaning is essential  to  ensure that your treatment remains in the best possible condition. This will prolong the longevity of your investment in rebuilding your teeth. If you neglect the cleaning you may end up with premature failure of your treatment.

If you have a regular dentist, or other specialist, we are happy to work in with their routine recall process to ensure that you are reviewed as recommended.

How often?

For some patients this review may need to be every 3 months, particularly if they suffer gum disease or have difficulty cleaning. For most people 6 monthly recalls  would be recommended. If you have dental implants, they should have careful gum, bite and radiographic checks to ensure they remain problem free 12 monthly. Complex Implant  Prostheses that replace all of your teeth should be removed cleaned and polished every 12 -18 months.

Still Grinding ?

Grinding damage is one of the main causes of tooth damage and breakages of prostheses. If you are unable to implement changes to tooth touch patterns that we recommend, you may need a protective mouthguards. We also find patients have success with other alternative therapies such as yoga.